In the constantly evolving field of digital health interventions, integrating advanced technologies has the potential to enhance participant engagement and motivation. Within the context of the LETHE project, a sub-study will be performed to explore the potential of interactive technologies, specifically the Lethe Glasses app and FAUNA Spiro audio glasses, in supporting the LETHE lifestyle programme . Join us as we delve into the design of the sub-study, highlighting its objectives, methodologies, and the expected impact on participants’ well-being.


Understanding the Sub-Study:

As the LETHE project progresses, in the latter phase of the trial, an explorative sub-study will begin, targeting a select group of participants from the intervention group across all study sites (Austria, Italy, Finland and Sweden). This sub-study presents participants with the opportunity to engage with a voice interaction app, the Lethe Glasses app, in conjunction with audio glasses, the FAUNA Spiro audio glasses. The sub-study will be carried out over 8 weeks and has the aim of exploring the acceptance rates and feasibility of these interactive technologies in delivering an innovative modality of interaction and engagement within the LETHE lifestyle programme.

The sub-study will rely on the Lethe protocol, providing users with an innovative modality to engage with the existing content and features of the LETHE app. By leveraging these features that participants in the Lethe study are already familiar with, the sub-study aims to provide participants with a seamless transition into the interactive experience facilitated by the Lethe Glasses app and FAUNA Spiro audio glasses.


Why the Audio Glasses?

The decision to incorporate audio glasses into the sub-study stems from their ability to offer a hands-free user experience. Unlike traditional smartphone interactions, audio glasses eliminate the need for constant device manipulation, allowing users to engage with digital health interventions with less effort. Moreover, the integration of audio glasses into participants’ daily routines enhances the overall user experience, fostering sustained engagement with the LETHE programme.

Audio Glasses

The LETHE Glasses Application – Empowering Participants with Interactive Functionality:

Central to the sub-study is the Lethe Glasses app, a bespoke application developed specifically for this project. Paired with FAUNA Spiro audio glasses equipped with Bluetooth microphone and headphone capabilities, the Lethe Glasses app enables participants to access a wide range of features and functionalities hands-free. Participants will interact with features they are already familiar with, including mood entries, calendar reminders, diary entries, personal goal and questionnaire reminders, and engagement with educational content.

Audio Glasses

The Lethe Glasses app offers participants a variety of interactive functionalities tailored to voice activation. Whether this is managing a calendar, receiving reminders about lifestyle-related personal goals and habits, or engaging with educational content, participants can immerse themselves in the LETHE lifestyle programme without the constraints of traditional smartphone interactions. By empowering participants with interactive features, the sub-study seeks to enhance user engagement and motivation, thereby optimising the overall impact of the LETHE programme on participants’ health and well-being.

The LETHE Glasses sub-study represents a significant milestone in the realm of digital health interventions. By integrating interactive technologies, such as the Lethe Glasses app and FAUNA Spiro audio glasses, the sub-study aims to revolutionise the way participants engage with the LETHE lifestyle programme. Through its innovative approach and focus on user-centric design, the sub-study holds promise for fostering motivation, engagement, and ultimately, improved health outcomes among participants

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