The members of the Lethe Advisory Board met online on the 20th of February to provide initial feedback on the Lethe cognitive training programme. For three weeks prior to the meeting, the advisory board members were given access to the training app where they were able to test and trial the different features. The APP currently has 6 games which target people with different cognitive abilities.

The meeting was extremely proactive with all participants providing valuable feedback on the games, the instructions on how to play them, the programme design and the overall user experience. This is one of the first rounds of user feedback which will help improve the APP and ensure that it better adheres to user needs making it more usable and accessible for all.

Participants in the meeting included: Jyrki Lötjönen (Combinostics), Anna Rosenberg (THL), Anna Giulia Guazzarini (University of Perugia), Alara Abaci (Karolinska Institutet), Helena Untersteiner (Medical University of Vienna) and Konsta Valkonen (THL), Soraya Moradi-Bachiller (Public Involvement Officer, Alzheimer Europe), and facilitated by Ana Diaz (Public Involvement Lead, Alzheimer Europe).


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