The two-day kick-off meeting of LETHE project ended on the afternoon of January 26th. A real digital event, “crowded” and participatory, characterized by the presentation of each partner team and their project areas.

Funded by the Horizon 2020 R&I Framework Program, LETHE project started on January 2021, has a duration of 4 years and is coordinated by the Austrian University of Applied Sciences, FH JOANNEUM.

The roots of LETHE project are deep and based on the result of intuitions, studies and clinical data collected over the past 10 years. Memento, PredictND and the FINGER Study (Finnish Geriatric Intervention Study to Prevent Cognitive Impairment and Disability) are among the past projects and studies whose knowledge have become an integral part of LETHE over time. 15 partners from 9 European countries set sail together to navigate the waters of the Lethe River.

The core of the project is the brain. The choice of the name isn’t just a coincidence: Lethe, is the river of Oblivion. From Greek mythology this river takes on a symbolic value, namely the importance of memory for the human being. Memory as wisdom of the past, but also connected to the concept of forgetfulness. And this is the link between LETHE and studies to contrast the onset of symptoms of cognitive decline.

Prevention therefore, plays a fundamental role for the project.

Thanks to the heritage of the FINGER study, now widespread worldwide, it has been possible to demonstrate that prevention of cognitive decline in individuals at risk, by intervening on various aspects of lifestyle, is an effective health strategy. LETHE project sets out to evolve the results of this impressive clinical study into a digital model – FINGER 2.0 – based on the Internet of Things, Mobile, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies. The strategies for the prevention of cognitive decline will therefore be directed towards technological horizons usable and accessible to the Ageing European population.


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